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Advertisements for Psychotropic Drugs in East Germany

"Papachin – for old age vertigo"

Going through some old boxes of notes, I came across the following:  a number of East German advertisements for stimulants, sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety medications.  The ads are all from the psychiatric journal Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische Psychologie.  Unfortunately, I did not keep notes on the exact dates of the ads, but a few, at least, appear to be from around 1963.

For those interested, Director Volker Hess, Viola Balz, and Ulrike Klöppel at the Institute for History of Medicine in Berlin are presently conducting research on a project examining the manufacture, distribution and uses of psychotropic drugs in East Germany –“Psychochemicals Crossing the Wall: Die Einführung der Psychopharmaka in der DDR, 1952-1989.”

"Medication for sleeping and getting back to sleep – Dormutil"

"Fast acting – deep and peaceful sleep – waking without depression: Dormutil"

An ad for the stimulant "Aponeuron," comparing its effectiveness to caffeine

"Neuroton – for treatment of anxiety, tension, depressions"

– Eghigian

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