CrAB (Collectif de réflexion autour de l’Art Brut)

CrAB (Collectif de réflexion autour de l’Art Brut) i.e. Raw Art Thinking Group has been founded in 2010 by researchers aiming to put together their work around raw art. It brings together people issued from various branches: art history, literature,linguistics, history, heritage, museology, psychoanalysis.
The group meets regularly in order to exchange ideas, debate, take stock on one another’s work. A seminar open to the general public will convene every two months,and according to subjects defined beforehand will invite one or several members of the Crab and a couple of guests. The group thus plans the organization of days of study and discussion, as well as publishing work.
The group sees itself primarily as an entity researching Raw Art from a theoretical point of view and as an art conception (that of the painter Jean Dubuffet, originally)and not just as a mere designation or a category which would apply to a body of objects. The common position of the group’s members is to consider Raw Art as a tool which allows to work in a relevant manner on various notions (art, culture,madness, edge, discourse, language, psychoanalysis). To the historical approach which tends to place back Raw Art’s genesis in the artistic climate of the immediate post-war period, can be added a more contemporary approach which aims at questioning the efficient character of Raw Art in today’s world, the field of art and critical thought.
The founding members of CrAB are Baptiste Brun, Vincent Capt, Émilie Champenois,Déborah Couette, Céline Delavaux, Pauline Goutain, Aurélie Linxe, Fanny Rojat and Roberta Trapani.

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