The Man Who Crucified Himself Readings of a Medical Case in Nineteenth-Century Europe, by Maria Böhmer

A few years ago we announced the PhD research of Maria Böhmer in a blogpost. Now her research is published in the book “The Man Who Crucified Himself. Readings of a Medical Case in Nineteenth-Century Europe“. The abstract reads:

“The Man Who Crucified Himself is the history of a sensational nineteenth-century medical case. In 1805 a shoemaker called Mattio Lovat attempted to crucify himself in Venice. His act raised a furore, and the story spread across Europe. For the rest of the century Lovat’s case fuelled scientific and popular debates on medicine, madness, suicide and religion. Drawing on Italian, German, English and French sources, Maria Böhmer traces the multiple readings of the case and identifies various ‘interpretive communities’. Her meticulously researched study sheds new light on Lovat’s case and offers fresh insights on the case narrative as a genre – both epistemic and literary.”

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