3 thoughts on “links

  1. Elena Taddei says:

    Dear collegues,
    maybe your are interested in match your link list with our website from a research project about history of psychiatry in historic Tyrol from 1830 to the present.
    We would like to link your site too.
    Kind regards
    Elena Taddei, University of Innsbruck

  2. Richard says:

    http://richardcohenfilms.com/hurry_tomorrow.htm … link for Hurry Tomorrow (1975)
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The emotional impact of the documentary and its thought provoking scenes remain an effective introduction to the concept of total institutions…. The film itself is a part of history. After its initial release in 1975, then California Governor Jerry Brown was so appalled….”
    EDUCATIONAL MEDIA REVIEWS ONLINE Timothy Kneeland, History & Political Science Dept.,
    Nazareth College of Rochester (2010) – Read Entire Review

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