Conference: Body Mind and Medicine: Forms of mental illness and their consequences in the ancient world and today (Online, 28‒29 October 2022)

This event – jointly organised by Durham University, the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, and the University of Edinburgh – offers an interdisciplinary platform for academics as well as the general public. It will be held as a two-day online conference (via “Zoom”).

By giving examples, ranging from antiquity to the present day, of how mental ailments have been experienced, theorised and treated, this event is aimed at exploring ancient and novel approaches to forms of mental disease, thus simultaneously creating connections between the disciplines of Classics and Medical Humanities. The main focus will be threefold: (1) exploring the language pertaining to mental ailments from antiquity (ancient Greek and Latin) to today; (2) investigating the consequences of mental disease, thus examining how mental illness may lead to a fracture between the individual and the community, which entails navigating issues of isolation, stigmatisation and (in-)communicability connected with the experience of disease; (3) exploring the plurality of remedies provided for mental illness both in antiquity and nowadays: this will include both strictly medical and pharmacological therapies, along with alternative remedies, such as philosophy and the therapeutical use of speech.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Given that the event will be held online, there is no conference fee. For “Zoom” links and passcodes, please send an e-mail, ideally together with an indication of your academic affiliation (name of university or other institution), to

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