Issues in Mental Health Nursing

The October issue of Issues in Mental Health Nursing is available online and includes an article by Philipa Martyr entitled A Lesson in Vigilance? Mental Health Nursing Training in Western Australia, 1903-1958. The abstract reads:

Researching examples of historical hospital-based training can provide some measure of the improvements in mental health nursing education which have taken place over time. Claremont Hospital for the Insane was the only major stand-alone psychiatric institution in Western Australia, and recent research into its mental health nursing training program between 1903 and 1958 provides an example of how nursing training could suffer in the hospital setting. There is much to learn from Claremont’s experience: Not just to measure how far mental health nursing has progressed since that time, but also as a reminder of why and how accountability, supervision, and independent auditing all help to ensure quality delivery of training.

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