Studies in Social Justice: Special Issue


“The Politics of Resilience and Recovery in Mental Health Care” is the title of a recently published special issue in the open source journal Studies of Social Justice.

Guest edited by Alison Howell and Jijian Voronka the issue explores how the recovery model, notions of resilience, user participation, and storytelling have been harnessed by contemporary mental health services.

The special issue can be viewed here. It includes the following articles:

Uncovering Recovery: The Resistible Rise of Recovery and Resilience by David Harper, Ewen Speed (Abstract)

Towards a Social Justice Framework of Mental Health Recovery by Marina Morrow, Julia Weisser (Abstract)

Power and Participation: An Examination of the Dynamics of Mental Health Service-User Involvement in Ireland by Liz Brosnan (Abstract)

The New Vocabulary of Resilience and the Governance of University Student Life by Katie Aubrecht (Abstract)

“Recovering our Stories”: A Small Act of Resistance by Lucy Costa, Jijian Voronka, Danielle Landry, Jenna Reid, Becky Mcfarlane, David Reville, Kathryn Church (Abstract)

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