Crowdfunding campaign: project Sigmund Freud Museum 2020

The crowdfunding campaign for the Sigmund Freud Museum could be of interest to H-Madness readers.

The Sigmund Freud Museum is currently undertaking a major renovation to improve overall visitor experience. For this the Sigmund Freud Museum needs your support! Help the Sigmund Freud Museum to preserve the unique cultural heritage at Vienna´s „Berggasse 19“ – by taking part in the crowdfunding campaign and supporting the project with your contribution at The rewards for your contribution are unique, high-end and meant to last a long time!

The two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, grandson of a psychoanalyst from Sigmund Freud’s famous Psychological Wednesday Society, supports the Sigmund Freud Museum through his participation in the campaign video and explains why the Sigmund Freud Museum needs your help.

Freud influenced all of our lives whether we are aware of it or not – let’s save his heritage in Vienna where it all began! Support us as well and become a part of the project Sigmund Freud Museum 2020! The team of the Sigmund Freud Museum says Thank you!”

—- Information received from the Sigmund Freud Museum

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