Special Issue of “Neurosurgical Focus” on the history of lobotomy

Volume 43, Issue 3 of the journal “Neurosurgical Focus” is dedicated to the history of lobotomy and might be of interest for h-madness readers.

It contains the following articles:

Introduction. Neurosurgery, psychiatry, and function: the history of altering behavior, thought, and function through neurosurgery

by Mark C. Preul, MD, T. Forcht Dagi, MD, Charles J. Prestigiacomo, MD, and Chris A. Sloffer, MD, MBA

Sanger Brown and Edward Schäfer before Heinrich Klüver and Paul Bucy: their observations on bilateral temporal lobe ablations

by Prasad S. S. V. Vannemreddy, MD, and James L. Stone, MD

Editorial. The Klüver-Bucy syndrome and the golden age of localization

by Chris A. Sloffer, MD, MBA

The early argument for prefrontal leucotomy: the collision of frontal lobe theory and psychosurgery at the 1935 International Neurological Congress in London

by Lillian B. Boettcher, BA, and Sarah T. Menacho, MD

Editorial. London 1935: the frontal lobe, insanity, and a brain surgery

by Mark C. Preul, MD, and T. Forcht Dagi, MD, DMedSc, DHC

Psychosurgery, ethics, and media: a history of Walter Freeman and the lobotomy

by James P. Caruso, BS, and Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD

Topectomy versus leukotomy: J. Lawrence Pool’s contribution to psychosurgery

by Ryan Holland, MD, David Kopel, MD, Peter W. Carmel, MD, MedSci, and Charles J. Prestigiacomo, MD

The origins and persistence of psychosurgery in the state of Iowa

by Francis J. Jareczek, BS, BA, Marshall T. Holland, MD, Matthew A. Howard III, MD, Timothy Walch, PhD, and Taylor J. Abel, MD

History of psychosurgery at Sainte-Anne Hospital, Paris, France, through translational interactions between psychiatrists and neurosurgeons

by Marc Zanello, MD, MSc, Johan Pallud, MD, PhD, Nicolas Baup, MD, PhD, Sophie Peeters, MSc, Baris Turak, MD, Marie Odile Krebs, MD, PhD, Catherine Oppenheim, MD, PhD, Raphael Gaillard, MD, PhD, and Bertrand Devaux, MD

Pneumoencephalography in the workup of neuropsychiatric illnesses: a historical perspective

by Mariam Ishaque, PhD, David J. Wallace, MD, and Ramesh Grandhi, MD

Neuroplasticity and the brain connectome: what can Jean Talairach’s reflections bring to modern psychosurgery?

by Pierre Bourdillon, MD, Caroline Apra, MSc, MD, Marc Lévêque, MD, and Fabien Vinckier, MD, PhD

Dr. Robert G. Heath: a controversial figure in the history of deep brain stimulation

by Christen M. O’Neal, BS, Cordell M. Baker, BS, Chad A. Glenn, MD, Andrew K. Conner, MD, and Michael E. Sughrue, MD

A brief note on the history of psychosurgery in Japan

by Jiro Nudeshima, PhD, and Takaomi Taira, MD, PhD

Exploring the brain through posterior hypothalamus surgery for aggressive behavior

by Michele Rizzi, MD, Andrea Trezza, MD, Giuseppe Messina, MD, Alessandro De Benedictis, MD, PhD, Angelo Franzini, MD, and Carlo Efisio Marras, MD

The hypothalamus at the crossroads of psychopathology and neurosurgery

Daniel A. N. Barbosa, Ricardo de Oliveira-Souza, MD, PhD, Felipe Monte Santo, MD, Ana Carolina de Oliveira Faria, MSc, PhD, Alessandra A. Gorgulho, MD, MSc, and Antonio A. F. De Salles, MD, PhD

Abstracts and Full Texts can be found here: http://thejns.org/toc/foc/43/3




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