New article: “Supple bodies, healthy minds: Yoga, psychedelics and American mental health”

A new article by Lucas Richert and Matthew DeCloedt examines the history of yoga and psychedelics in American mental health.

Richert L, DeCloedt M: Supple bodies, healthy minds: yoga, psychedelics and American mental health, [Open access]


Article Abstract:
Much discussion about mental health has revolved around treatment models. As interdisciplinary scholarship has shown, mental health knowledge, far from being a neutral product detached from the society that generated it, was shaped by politics, economics and culture. By drawing on case studies of yoga, religion and fitness, this article will examine the ways in which mental health practices—sometimes scientific, sometimes spiritual—have been conceived, debated and applied by researchers and the public. More specifically, it will interrogate the relationship between yoga, psychedelics, South Asian and Eastern religion (as understood and practiced in the USA) and mental health.

[Image credit: Photographer: Morgan Scott; Model: Kiri Rayner @LittleHealthBunny – Yoga Instructor]



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