New book series in cultural psychiatry

The new books series from MIT Press titled Culture and Psychiatry could be of interest to h-madness readers. Neil Krishan Aggarwal, the series editor, send us the following information about this new series, in the flyer you can find additional contact info.

“Our goal is to publish books that engage with concepts that define culture and psychology/psychiatry, and then build their arguments through rich narrative details. We have no commitment to any theoretical orientation (interpretive vs. materialist approaches to culture, for example, or group vs. individualistic approaches to psychology). Instead, our commitment is to the qualitative research tradition. We hope to showcase the breadth of work at the intersection of culture, psychiatry/psychology, and society across the human and social sciences. We welcome textual, ethnographic, and clinical approaches. We want manuscripts written for educated lay audiences and policy makers so that our books find wide audiences and have impact.

To our knowledge, this is the first academic series dedicated to publishing books in culture and mental health/illness, whether they are from cultural psychiatrists, cultural psychologists, psychiatric anthropologists, sociologists of mental health and illness, historians of psychiatry, or medical humanists. We are happy to work developmentally with scholars at all academic ranks, especially with junior scholars seeking to publish their first or second books for tenure”.


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