Book: La folie à Paris, by Benoît Majerus

A new book written by one of the editors-in-chief of h-madness, Benoît Majerus, might be of interest for the readers:

“An urban anthill, seat of political, religious and scientific power, a city where history is omnipresent, Paris is a prime observatory for telling the story of madness over time.
Through its inhabitants, its hospitals, its press, its artists, the city generates a multitude of archives that the book seizes to tell the experiences and moving representations of madness, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

From the medieval wandering madman to the arbitrary confinement of the Ancien Régime, from the post-Revolution utopia of “liberation of the insane” to the flourishing of Parisian private asylums and clinics during the long 19th century, from model alienists and psychiatrists to the emergence of antipsychiatry, from moral treatment to the therapeutic discoveries of the 20th century, the book paints a panorama of a madness with multiple faces, supported by a abundant and often surprising iconography.”

For more information, see the publishers website.

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