Book: Vulnérables. Les patients psychiatriques en Belgique (1914-1918), by Benoît Majerus & Anne Roekens


A new book written by one of the editors-in-chief of h-madness, Benoît Majerus, and Anne Roekens from the University of Namur, might be of interest for the readers:

“Behind the consensual image of a small Belgium united in the adversity of the first world conflict, there are very complex realities. One of the blind spots of these years of war was the fate of psychiatric patients. Interned in large asylums, dependent on official rations, they are affected by an exceptional excess mortality rate. Without this affecting many people… The book is devoted to the analysis of this process of fragility, which has not yet been studied very much. Thematic chapters alternate with the evocation of a certain Elise who experienced these events from within.”

For more info, click here.

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