Book Tour: Shadow King. The Life and Death of Henry VI, by Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson’s new book tells the tale of the life and times of Henry VI, “who inherited the crowns of both England and France and lost both, in the course of a life blighted by mental illness and bloody civil war.” The author will give a book tour to discuss her new publication at the following venues:

7 March 2019: Publication of Shadow King: The Life and Death of Henry VI (London: Head of Zeus, 2019)
Tuesday 12 March 2019: London Guildhall
Thursday 14 March 2019: Westbury Park Methodist Church (with Max Minervas Bookshop), Bristol
Wednesday 20 March 2019: St Albans Cathedral.
Thursday 28 March 2019: National Archives, Kew
Tuesday 9 April 2019: Dulwich Library, London
Friday 12 April 2019: Leeds City Museum
Thursday 18 April 2019: Wellcome Library, London
Saturday 27 April 2019: Pontefract Castle
Wednesday 1 May 2019: Radley College Oxford
Monday 20 May 2019: Guild of Stewards of St George, Windsor Chapel
Tuesday 4 June 2019: Cambridge Historical Association
Saturday 8 June 2019: Barnet Battlefields Society  

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