Call for Short Contributions to New Article Series (Psychiatric Times)

The monthly professional periodical Psychiatric Times ( invites contributions for a new series it will be featuring about the history of psychiatry, neurology, and mental health care in general. The series – framed along the model of “This Day in History” – will take the opportunity of any given month to identify and discuss a significant figure, work, event, or development associated with that month. For instance, one might choose for the December issue to note that in that month in the year 1807, Thomas Willis died (the clergyman who famously treated King George III).
Contributions should generally be around 350-500 words, and they will be featured online and, in most cases, in the print edition as well.
Psychiatric Times reaches a large audience of clinical professionals. The periodical has over 40,000 subscribers to its print edition and gets over 500,000 hits per month and over 6 million hits a year. So this is an ideal way for historians at all levels – including doctoral students – to reach a large audience and to introduce your work and interests to an avid readership.

If you would like to contribute a piece or have any questions about the series, please contact Greg Eghigian at the following address: gae2(at)

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