Lecture: “Writing Pandemics,” a discussion about portrayals of HIV/AIDS, SARS, H1N1, and Covid-19, by prof. Sander Gilman and dr. George Makari

On Wednesday, May 27, at 2pm EST, the next online Richardson Seminar will take place. Professor Sander Gilman will go in conversation with Dr. George Makari on the subject of “Writing Pandemics,” a discussion about portrayals of HIV/AIDS, SARS, H1N1, and Covid-19.

Dr. Gilman is a distinguished professor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University. A cultural and literary historian, he is the author or editor of well over ninety books. These include Seeing the Insane (2014), a study of the visual stereotyping of the mentally ill, Making the Body Beautiful: A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery (1999), and Fat: A Cultural History of Obesity (2008), and Disease and Representation: Images of Illness from Madness to AIDS (1988).  For twenty-five years he was a member of the humanities and medical faculties at Cornell University where he held the Goldwin Smith Professorship of Humane Studies. His most recent edited volume is The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Body (with Youn Kim) published in 2019 with Oxford University Press.

To attend the Zoom meeting, please contact Dr. Megan Wolff at mew2008@med.cornell.edu.

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