Book chapter: “Revolutionizing Cuban Psychiatry: The Freud Wars, 1955–1970”, by Jennifer Lambe

The book chapter “Revolutionizing Cuban Psychiatry: The Freud Wars, 1955–1970”, by Jennifer Lambe and published in Anne-Emanuelle Birn and Raúl Necochea López (eds), Peripheral Nerve Health and Medicine in Cold War Latin America, might be of interest to h-madness readers.

In their introduction the editors describe Lambe’s contribution as follows: “Jennifer Lynn Lambe homes in on psychiatry in revolutionary Cuba, showing that despite official acceptance by the 1970s of Pavlovian experimental and physiological approaches, the leaders of Soviet-style Cuban psychiatry nonetheless faced the resistance and skepticism of their colleagues. The latter advo- cated a sophisticated and eclectic approach to the foreign psychiatric theories taken up in Cuba, including psychodynamic approaches and especially Freudian psychoanalysis” (p21)

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