Online Richardson Seminar: Narrative Arcs in the History of Psychiatry: the Case of Depression, by Jonathan Sadowsky (16/12/2020)

On Wednesday, Dec 16th, Jonathan Sadowsky, Ph.D., will speak at the Richardson Seminar about “Narrative Arcs in the History of Psychiatry: the Case of Depression.” Sadowsky is an award-winning historian and professor of the history of medicine at Case Western Reserve University. His most recent book, The Empire of Depression: A New History, chronicles the path-breaking work of psychiatrists and pharmacists, and the intimate sufferings of patients across time and place, investigating how cultures have experienced and interpreted mental anguish, and how they have tried to alleviate it. Be sure to join us from 2:00 – 3:30 pm EST.

If you want to join you can request a link to the Zoom meeting by sending an email to Megan Wolff (

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