Journal : History of Psychiatry (Volume 32 Issue 1, March 2021)

The last issue of the journal History of Psychiatry has been published. The table of contents is as follows :


The history of mental health policy in Turkey: tradition, transition and transformation
Merve Kardelen Bilir, Fatih Artvinli

The mentally ill and how they were perceived in young Israel
Oded Heilbronner

How did mental health become so biomedical? The progressive erosion of social determinants in historical psychiatric admission registers
Fritz Handerer, Peter Kinderman, Carsten Timmermann, Sara J Tai

‘Psychosis of civilization’: a colonial-situated diagnosis
Marianna Scarfone

Sexual abuse by superintending staff in the nineteenth-century lunatic asylum: medical practice, complaint and risk
Cara Dobbing, Alannah Tomkins

‘The voice of the stomach’: the mind, hypochondriasis and theories of dyspepsia in the nineteenth century

E Allen Driggers

Classic Text No. 125

‘My insanity in the year 1783’, by C.S. Andresen (1801)

Johan Schioldann, GE Berrios

Essay Review

Africanization versus transculturalism: examples from history
Afolarin Awodiya

Book Reviews

Book Review: Diana Peschier, Lost Souls: Women, Religion and Mental Illness in the Victorian Asylum

Dan Degerman

Book Review: Martin Summers, Madness in the City of Magnificent Intentions: A History of Race and Mental Illness in the Nation’s Capital
Wendy Gonaver

Book Review: Deborah Blythe Doroshow, Emotionally Disturbed: A History of Caring for America’s Troubled Children
Abbey Jin, Diana Tran

Research on the history of psychiatry

Research on the history of psychiatry


Jean Garrabé de Lara (1931–2020)

Dr Humberto Casarotti

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