Talk: Performing Brains on Screen by Fernando Vidal

The Richardson Seminar on the History of Psychiatry will welcome Professor Fernando Vidal on Wednesday, May 19.

Professor Vidal will be presented with the Carlson Award in the History of Psychiatry in recognition of his outstanding scholarship.  

Professor Vidal is affiliated with the ICREA-Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies. His work focuses on the history of the mind/brain sciences, from the early modern “sciences of the soul” to contemporary neuroscience. In his research and writing, he has interrogated the ways in which the production and application of scientific knowledge interact with values to shape practices. More recently, he has been exploring that question through the framework of medical anthropology and phenomenology.

Among numerous honors and appointments, Professor Vidal has been Guggenheim Fellow, an Athena Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome and at Harvard University (History of Science). 

Please join us from 2:00 – 3:30 PM EST when he will speak to us on, “Performing Brains on Screen.” 

If you have not yet done so this semester, please register at

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