Book: Traumatic Pasts in Asia. History, Psychiatry, and Trauma from the 1930s to the Present

The book Traumatic Pasts in Asia. History, Psychiatry, and Trauma from the 1930s to the Present, which is edited by Mark S. Micale and Hans Pols, could be of interest to h-madness readers. The book becomes available on the 15th of September with Berghahn.

The abstract on the publishers website reads:

“In the early twenty-first century, trauma is seemingly everywhere, whether as experience, diagnosis, concept, or buzzword. Yet even as many scholars consider trauma to be constitutive of psychological modernity or the post-Enlightenment human condition, historical research on the topic has overwhelmingly focused on cases, such as World War I or the Holocaust, in which Western experiences and actors are foregrounded. There remains an urgent need to incorporate the methods and insights of recent historical trauma research into a truly global perspective. The chapters in Traumatic Pasts in Asia make just such an intervention, extending Euro-American paradigms of traumatic experience to new sites of world-historical suffering and, in the process, exploring how these new domains of research inform and enrich earlier scholarship”.

A first review of the book you can find here:

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