The Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar (Fall 2021)

The Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar is taking place in the fall 2021. The lectures are always between 2:00 PM- 3:30 PM.

Due to the Delta variant of Covid-19, Richardson Seminars will be conducted online until further notice. To register, click here, or contact Dr. Megan Wolff at

September 8: Kylie Smith, Ph.D., Emory University. “Jim Crow in the Asylum: Psychiatry and Segregation in the American South 1945-1970”

September 15: George J. Makari, M.D., Weill Cornell Medicine. “Of Fear and Strangers: A History of Xenophobia”

September 29 (Issues in Mental Health Policy): Lise Van Susteren, M.D., Climate Psychiatry. Alliance “Deny Much? Climate Inaction and the Psyche”

October 6 (Psychiatry and the Arts): TBD

October 20: James Kennaway, Ph.D., Helmut Schmidt University, Germany. “Neuromusic? A Critical Humanities Perspective on Music and Medicine”

November 3: Jacqueline Lecki, Ph.D., Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Colonizing Madness: Asylum and Community in Fiji”

November 17: Brett Kahr, Ph.D., Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology, London. “Donald Winnicott’s Pandemics: Surviving the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Hong Kong Flu of 1968”

December 1 (Psychiatry and the Arts): Curtis Hart, M.Div., Weill Cornell Medicine. “Imagination and Faith”

December 15: Heather Love, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. “From the Outside In: Goffman’s Concept of Stigma and Observational Research in the Human Sciences”

Previous lectures can also always be consulted here.

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