Rescheduled Conference: “Brain and Self. Psychiatric Nosology: Definition, History and Validity”

This is the rescheduling of the cancelled April 2010 conference in Copenhagen on Brain and Self.

The field of psychiatry is again undergoing a major re-examination of its classification system. The two major nosologic systems – DSM and ICD – are both currently undergoing revisions. This conference – to be held November 14-16, 2010 in Copenhagen under the sponsorship of the University of Copenhagen (Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Subjectivity Research; Psychiatric Center Hvidovre; PhD School, Faculty of Health Sciences) – will examine the conceptual and philosophical bases for psychiatric diagnoses. The conference is organized into 5 sessions:

i) The Basics – The Definition of Psychiatric Illness and Rules for Classification,
ii) The Historical Development of Modern Psychiatric Diagnoses,
iii) Concepts of Validity in Psychology and Psychiatry,
iv) Application to Major Depression and Schizophrenia and
v) The Way(s) Forward.

Speakers include leading figures in the philosophy of psychiatry, vice-chair persons of the Task Force on DSM-IV and DSM-V and psychiatrists who have made important recent contributions to the philosophy-psychiatry dialogue (see program below). The meeting will emphasize dialogue with each presentation being followed first by formal comments from another of the contributors and then by open discussion.

The conference will take place in November 2010. For more information, click here.


5 thoughts on “Rescheduled Conference: “Brain and Self. Psychiatric Nosology: Definition, History and Validity”

    1. clarespark says:

      I showed this conference announcement to a friend who is an internationally esteemed psychiatrist, and his response was that psychiatrists themselves were fully aware of the problem of an outdated nosology, and were handling the updating of diagnoses without benefit of philosophers. This suggests to me that the Foucauldians are still active and, along with other anti-psychiatry forces, are challenging the epistemological bases of medicine. Am I wrong?

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