Announcement: Course Syllabi for the History of Madness and Psychiatry

With the start of the fall/winter university semester on the horizon in the United States and Europe, H-Madness will be hosting a series of posts featuring course syllabi in field of the history of madness, mental health, and psychiatry.   During the last week of August/first week of September, H-Madness will be posting syllabi from a number of universities and colleges, along with comments by their instructors.  Gareth Evans, Andreas Killen, Paul Lerner, Elizabeth Lunbeck, and Mark Micale, among others, will be sharing their course syllabi and their thoughts about teaching courses in the field.

The editors at H-Madness welcome your input as well. If you teach a course that deals with the history of madness, mental health, and/or psychiatry and are interested in sharing your syllabus and thoughts about teaching, please contact editor Greg Eghigian (  We would be delighted to post them and include you in the series.

We hope to make this a regular feature of H-Madness.  In addition, we plan to set up an archive of course syllabi that can serve as a resource for those interested in developing similar courses at their institutions.

The Editors

6 thoughts on “Announcement: Course Syllabi for the History of Madness and Psychiatry

  1. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’m looking forward to the course posts! I’m in school and trying to figure out the best course/major path to follow.

  2. Knitting Clio says:

    I notice that this post and others don’t address the history of madness from the perspective of people with mental illness. This seems to me to reinforce the notion of persons with mental illness as “Other.” Please consider including the work of Geoffrey Reaume at York University.

    1. gae16802 says:

      Under the tag “syllabus” in the list under “Categories,” you will the complete list of syllabi.

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