HSS Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society will take place November 4-7, 2010, in Montréal, Quebec, at the Hyatt Regency Montréal, jointly with the The Twenty-Second Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association. Two particular sessions might be of interest to H-madness readers:

Friday 11/5, 07:30-09:00 PM

Psychology in the 20th Century

Chair: TBD

1. The Birth of Information in the Brain: Edgar Adrian and the Vacuum Tube, Justin Garson, University of Texas, Austin

2. Narratives of the Unconscious: Henry Murray, Literary Interpretation, and the Thematic Apperception Test, Jason Richard Miller, University of California, Los Angeles

3. Hugo Münsterberg, Psychotechnics, and the Psychologizing of Cinema, Jeremy Blatter, Harvard Univeristy

4. “Murderof the Mind?” The Psychosurgery Controversy of the 1970s, Brian Casey, National Institute of Health

Sunday 10/7, 10:00-12:00 PM

Gendering the Human Brain: Science, Language, and Sex Difference in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Chair: Carla Bittel, Loyola Marymount University

Organizer: Kimberly Hamlin, Miami University of Ohio

1. Woman, Know Thyself: Gender, Phrenology, and the Female Brain, Carla J. Bittel, Loyola Marymount University

2. Helen Hamilton Gardener’s Brain: Contested Understandings of Brain Science and Feminist Applications of the Scientific Method, Kimberly A. Hamlin, Miami University of Ohio

3. Silas Weir Mitchell’s Nervous Malady and its Influence on the Rest Cure, Anne M. Stiles, Washington State University

4. Transgendered Cells: A History of Metaphors about Astrocytes, Meg Upchurch, Transylvania University

Early registration ends at Midnight EDT at the end of October 7th, 2010.

To see the whole program of the conference, click here.

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