Histoire sociale/Social history

The May 2010 issue of the Canadian academic journal Histoire sociale / Social history has just been added to the online MUSE project database.  In this particular issue, you’ll find an article by Danielle Terbenche entitled A solider in the service of his country”: Dr. William Rees, Professional Identity, and the Toronto Temporary Asylum, 1819-1874. The abstract reads:

The first medical superintendent of the Toronto Lunatic Asylum, physician Dr. William Rees, found his tenure from 1841 to 1845 marked by financial struggle, extensive administrative conflict, and physical injury. His personality along with these events have given rise to negative portrayals of Rees as an inept administrator. Less known are his social contributions beyond his asylum work. A more extensive assessment of Rees suggests the value of his biography as a study of Upper Canadian professional and class status. While Rees’s occupational endeavours before 1841 enhanced his status, negative experiences at the asylum changed this pattern and caused an ongoing decline in his social status after 1845.

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