New article in the NYRB: “The Illusions of Psychiatry”

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The New York Review of Books contains an article by Marcia Angell dealing with psychiatry and its history. The piece, in which the author critically discusses the DSM, the pharmaceutical industry and other such topics, begins thus:

In my article in the last issue, I focused mainly on the recent books by psychologist Irving Kirsch and journalist Robert Whitaker, and what they tell us about the epidemic of mental illness and the drugs used to treat it. Here I discuss the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)—often referred to as the bible of psychiatry, and now heading for its fifth edition—and its extraordinary influence within American society. I also examine Unhinged, the recent book by Daniel Carlat, a psychiatrist, who provides a disillusioned insider’s view of the psychiatric profession. And I discuss the widespread use of psychoactive drugs in children, and the baleful influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the practice of psychiatry.

The entire article can be accessed at here.

For Angell’s first article entitled “The Epidemic of Mental Illness” (dated 23 June 2011), see the following link.

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