Colloquium on the History of Psychiatry and Medicine (Fall 2011)

The Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education, McLean Hospital


The Center for the History of Medicine, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine



David G. Satin, M.D., DLFAPA Director

Open to students of history and those valuing a historical perspective on their professions.

———-Fall, 2011———-

September 15

Sigmund Freud, Free Treatment, and the Viennese Model of Public Mental Health

Elizabeth Ann Danto, Ph.D.: Professor of Social Work and Chair, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Hunter College School of Social Work, City University of New York

October 20

Touring Asylum Remains:  Examining History’s Material Culture

Jennifer L. Bazar, B.A. (Hons), M.A.: History and Theory of Psychology Program, Ph.D. 5, York University, Toronto, Canada

November 17

Wilhelm Reich’s Bion Expriments, 1934-39:  A Unusual Origin of Life Research Programs

James E. Strick, M.S., Ph.D.:  Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Earth and Environment, and Program in Science, Tehnology, and Society, Franklin and Marshall College

December 15

Managing Bodies in the Land of Plenty: A Medical and Cultural History of Obesity in America

Deborah I. Levine, Ph.D. : Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management, Providence College American Bodies: Diet, Nutrition, and Obesity in the U.S., 1845-1945 (in process)

4:00 P.M.—5:30 P.M.

Ware Room, fifth floor, Countway Library of Medicine

Harvard Medical Area

For further information contact David G. Satin, M.D., Colloquium Director,

phone/fax 617-332-0032, e-mail:

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