Guardian article: “Antidepressant use on the rise in rich countries, OECD finds”

The use of antidepressants has surged across the rich world over the past decade, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The Guardian has just published an article on this issue, with a video containing exclusive rare footage from patient interviews which shows the inside story of anti-depressants. The piece reads that “doctors in some countries are writing prescriptions for more than one in 10 adults, with Iceland, Australia, Canada and the other European Nordic countries leading the way”.

To read the entire article, click here.

The video can be accessed at

One thought on “Guardian article: “Antidepressant use on the rise in rich countries, OECD finds”

  1. Gottfreid Treviranus says:

    This is a sad example how uninformed media pick out mostly bipolar spectrum patients unprofessionally treated with antidepressants. These experiences can hardly be generalized to all the depressed. Depressions are globally leading causes of suffering and loss (also among cancer patients e.g), and antidepressants are to a noticeable and not always insufficient degree effective – at the same level as somatic drugs with comparatively few side-effects. A large part of world populations has no access to them, and certainly not to mood-stabilizers, although they are cheap, because of “Western” ideological discourses. How does this fit in with the usually quite differently humanitarian stance of the guardian?

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