BBC News Article: Craiglockhart Hospital and Shell Shock

An article entitled “Did Craiglockhart hospital revolutionize mental healthcare?” was published yesterday on the BBC News website. It discusses the pioneering treatment(s) of shell shock offered to patients in that Scottish War Hospital during and after WWI, Craiglockhart’s literary legacy, the different cures for shell shock in various other hospitals at the time, as well as the legacy of shell shock in modern culture.

To access the article and podcast, presented by Claudia Hammond, click here.

  1. Shell shock (now PTSD) was a huge issue after the Great War, and so were the proposals for a new, less threatening “mass psychology”, as suggested by Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter. I quoted liberally from a much republished tome by Trotter here: Since it covers many related issues, look for the bold-face type that introduces Trotter.

  2. The podcast doesn’t seem to be working anymore, but I would really like to hear it (I know of course I could read the transcript but I would prefer to listen to recorded speech than transcribed speech). Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe its not available outside of the UK?

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