Call for Papers – Psy Cultures

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CulturasPsi/Psy Cultures is a peer reviewed, on-line only, free-access journal devoted to the discussion and debate of the transnational circulation of “psy knowledge” and the practices associated with it.

We welcome papers for the update of Vol 2  (to be published in March 2015) and for Vol 3 (to be published in September 2015) on topics related to the transnational diffusion of “psy knowledge”, understood in a broad sense, including psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology, neuro science, etc. By “psy culture” we do not only mean the development of the scientific disciplines related to the study of subjectivity and the mind, but also the emergence and development of all the associated discourses and practices, including  different forms of reception, diffusion and circulation, whether they take place within the bounds of the scientific realm or not.

We particularly encourage the submission of manuscripts that take an interdisciplinary approach and accept them in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French, which will be published in their original language with abstracts in English in all cases. We also accept proposals for dossiers and for book reviews.

The deadline for the submission of papers for the update of number 2 is December 20th 2014. For number 3 the deadline is May 15, 2015. Please consult our page: for style. Papers should not be longer than 25 pages, including bibliography. We encourage authors to take full advantage of the electronic format and include videos, images, figures, tables.

Manuscripts and proposals for dossiers should be sent to:

Proposals for book reviews should be sent to:

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