Launch of Eugenics Archives Online (Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada)

A team of researchers associated with the Community University Research Alliance and under the direction of Rob Wilson (University of Alberta, Canada) have just launched the Eugenics Archive. The website provides visitors with ten interactive tools to learn about the history of eugenics not only in Canada, but from throughout the world. The researchers describe the general project this way:

The ideas and practices aimed at improving “human breeding” known as eugenics were influential across North America in the first half of the 20th-century. Undertaken by 30 research scholars and sterilization survivors, and 12 community partners, Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada directly engages communities in developing accessible resources to bring to light the history of eugenics in Canada. It also creates a communal space to explore the relationships between that history and current policies and practices.

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