Call for Papers – “Psychiatry and other cultures: a historical perspective”

imagesCAO9NJ99Historically, psychiatry had to measure itself with various kinds of diversity (ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic, gender), often labelling them as lacking, inferior or even dangerous.

The Centre for the History of Psychiatry of Reggio Emilia announces a study conference in order to focus on the various “encounters” psychiatry has had, since its origins, with those diversities.
In particular, presentations on the following issues are sought for:

  • Colonial psychiatry: contributions which, through case studies (e.g. biographies of psychiatrists, chronicles of mental hospitals, debates on scientific journals etc.), may expand our understanding of this topic reporting Italian and foreign experiences, also comparing different national traditions.
  • How psychiatry has dealt, as early as the nineteenth century, but especially in the last century, with the consequences of migration on the lives and mental health of millions of people. Papers concerning Italian emigration abroad (transoceanic and European) and also internal migration after World War II, are particularly welcome.
  • The history of ethnopsychiatry. Contributions on the origins of transcultural psychiatry as well as on the most significant representatives of this “boundary” discipline will be accepted,. We would like to promote research on the way ethnopsychiatry re-read the history of psychiatry and re-framed between mental illness, culture and care adopting an historical perspective.

Scholars of all experience levels are invited to submit proposals for papers, sending a Summary in Italian or English (max 500 words), by 31 March 2015. A completed application form (see attached) and Author’s curriculum vitae should by sent by email together with the Summary to the following email address: (specifying in subject: Conference: Psychiatry and other cultures: a historical perspective).

The Scientific Committee of the Centre for the History of Psychiatry will screen submissions and chosen contributions will be included in the official program of the Conference by May 20152014. Conference proceedings will be published.

Museum of the History of Psychiatry S. Lazzaro, Reggio Emilia, Italy – September 2015, exact date to be confirmed

For info:


The Scientific Committee of the Centre: Laura Carlini Fanfogna, Vinzia Fiorino, Gian Maria Galeazzi, Giorgia Lombardini, Roberto Macellari, Francesco Paolella, Paolo Francesco Peloso, Luca Pingani, Lisa Roscioni, Roberto Salati, Mauro Simonazzi, Luigi Tagliabue
The Executive Committee of the Centre: Gaddomaria Grassi, Mila Ferri, Giordano Gasparini, Elisabetta Farioli, Chiara Bombardieri
Conference Coordinator: Francesco Paolella
Conference Institutional Partners: AUSL of Reggio Emilia, Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

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