New book – Screwing Around with Sex: Essays, indictments, anecdotes and asides


The book Screwing Around with Sex: Essays, indictments, anecdotes and asides might be of interest to H-Madness readers as it includes two chapters (chapter 1 and 4) on the history of sexual rights related to deinstitutionalisation and consent for disabled adults. The book is written by Paul R. Abramson and published by Asylum 4 Renegades Press.

The description reads:

This book explains the inexplicable: sexual assault on campus, affirmative consent, sexual violence against vulnerable populations, sexual rights, obscenity, and the three fundamental truths of sex. It is written by a UCLA Psychology Professor who spent 40 years as an expert witness in criminal, civil, and constitutionally relevant litigation, while simultaneously immersed in cutting edge sex research. The public policy perspective that accrued from all of that work is a significant part of this book as well. Screwing Around with Sex ends intriguingly with a chapter on music and love.



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