Conference – The Body Politics: States in the History of Medicine and Health. Provisional programme online

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The European Association for the History of Medicine and Health organises the conference The Body Politics: States in the History of Medicine and Health, which will be held from the 30th of August until the 2nd of september in Bucharest. The provisional conference programme has appeared online and incorporates a few sessions that could be of interest to H-Madness readers (see below). For a full overview of all the panels see here. 

Thursday, August 31st
11.00‐13.00 PANEL 1 ‐ ETHICS AND EXPERTISE. Chair: Frank Huisman (Main Amphitheatre )
  • State-authorized medical ethics: the disciplinary function of the British General Medical Council, 1858‐1914 (Andreas‐Holger Maehle)
  • ‘“A misconception of educational psychologists’ work”: expertise, child psychology and the aftermath of the 1967 Summerfield Report’ (Andrew Burchell)
  • Medical Ethics in a Modern Society. The ‘free medical profession’ and the Dutch state, 1945‐ 1980 (Noortje Jacobs)
  • State and expertise. The emergence of psychiatry as legal expertise in Europe in the 1820s (Svein Atle Skålevåg)

Friday, September 1st. 
11.00‐13.00 PANEL 16 ‐ PSYCHIATRY, MANAGEMENT AND SOCIETY. Chair: Noortje Jacobs (Main Amphitheatre)
  • A Fine Balance: Individualism, Society and Mental Illness in the United States, 1945‐1968 (Matthew Smith)
  • Insanity and the state: The Lancaster, Prestwich and Rainhill pauper lunatic asylums Lancashire, UK, 1845‐1914 (Claire Deligny)
  • The City and the State: Management of the Insane Poor in Mid‐19th Century Bristol (Leonard Smith)
  • The Worthless Citizens: Hospitalized Psychopaths in Finland, 1945‐1968 Katariina ParhiPhysiological bases of the Soviet socialism in the 1920th years (Marya Sergeeva)
16.30‐18.30 PANEL 29 ‐ REPRESENTING MADNESS IN THE AGE OF COMMUNITY CARE Chair: Leonard Smith(Theatre 4)
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation and the Politics of Madness in the Age of Community Care (Rob Ellis)
  • The Legacy of the Psychiatric Institution: The Relational Component of Asylum Care (Verusca Calabria)
  • Transnational Networks after the Institutional Closures: Narrating Madness in the Twentieth Century (Catharine Coleborne)


16.30‐18.30 PANEL 30 ‐THE POLITICS OF PSYCHIATRY (1). Chair: Octavian Buda (Theatre 5)

  • If I were to leave here, where would I go? Freedom, Subsistence and the Politics of Seeking Social Rights with Clinical Means (Leyla Safta‐ Zecheria)
  • What is political about political psychiatry? On psychiatric power, subjects and resistance (Monica Obreja)
  • The Politics of Madness: Art in Contexts of Distress (Maria Alina Asavei)

Saturday, September 2nd

11.00‐13.00 PANEL 33 ‐ THE POLITICS OF PSYCHIATRY (2). Chair: Adrian Majuru (Theatre 3)
  • Psychiatry and eugenics in Romania. Public Health laws in Interwar Romania. (Sorina Vasile)
  • National will to heal. The social body of post‐traumatic war wounds (Nicutar Andreea)
  • The failed apocalypse: Mind‐ control theory and practice of the early Post‐war Romanian elite psychiatry and neurology (Mugur Daniel Ciumăgeanu)
  • From the Statue of a Madman to the Mental Hospital of Elazığ:Looking at the Histoy of Tunceli from the Lunatic Side (Çiçek Ilengiz)



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