Event: Sex, Science and the Body: Medicine and LGBTIQ People, University of Lincoln, 15 February 2018

Sex, Science and the Body: Medicine and LGBTIQ People

Thursday 15 February 2018,
Jackson Lecture Theatre (Minerva Building), 6-8pm

Throughout much of history, sexual behaviours like homosexuality were predominantly regulated by religious concerns. However, this changed in the nineteenth century when medicine took an increasing interest in what they termed ‘sexual deviancies’.

Perhaps the most famous example of a medical intervention around sexual behaviours is that of the famous World War II code-breaker, Alan Turing, who endured ‘medical treatment’ because of his homosexuality.

This public discussion will look at how science and medicine has treated: gays,  lesbians and queer people; medical views of trans people, and current debates about ‘gender dysphoria’. Finally, it will offer some thoughts on the ongoing debates about hormone treatments and surgery without consent on intersex individuals and offer some thoughts on changes for the future.


  • Simon Fanshawe (broadcaster and writer)


  • Dr David A. Griffiths (University of Surrey)
  • Dr Christina Richards (MSC DCPsychol MBACP Accred.)
  • Dr Janet Weston (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

For more information, see http://transitionalstates.com/lincoln-events/

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