New book: Hope in ancient literature, history, and art, ed. by George Kazantzidis and Dimos Spatharas

The following book might be of relevance for historians of psychology, in particular those interested in the history of the emotions:

Ed. by Kazantzidis, George / Spatharas, Dimos, Hope in ancient literature, history, and art. Ancient Emotions I. (Cologne: de Gruyter, 2018)

Here is a description of the volume’s content:

“Although ancient hope has attracted much scholarly attention in the past, this is the first book-length discussion of the topic. The introduction offers a systematic discussion of the semantics of Greek elpis and Latin spes and addresses the difficult question of whether hope -ancient and modern- is an emotion. On the other hand, the 16 contributions deal with specific aspects of hope in Greek and Latin literature, history and art, including Pindar’s poetry, Greek tragedy, Thucydides, Virgil’s epic and Tacitus’ Historiae. The volume also explores from a historical perspective the hopes of slaves in antiquity, the importance of hope for the enhancement of stereotypes about the barbarians, and the depiction of hope in visual culture, providing thereby a useful tool not only for classicist but also for philosophers, cultural historians and political scientists.”

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