Social History of Medicine (31/4)

The new issue of the Social History of Medicine has been published, which contains a few interesting articles for h-madness readers. The issue includes the following contributions:

Louise Hide; Joanna Bourke, Cultures of Harm in Institutions of Care: Introduction


Catherine Cox; Hilary Marland, Broken Minds and Beaten Bodies: Cultures of Harm and the Management of Mental Illness in Mid- to Late Nineteenth-century English and Irish Prisons


Leslie Topp, Single Rooms, Seclusion and the Non-Restraint Movement in British Asylums, 1838–1844

 Whitney Wood, ‘Put Right Under’: Obstetric Violence in Post-war Canada


Laura Stark, Contracting Health: Procurement Contracts, Total Institutions, and the Problem of Virtuous Suffering in Post-war Human Experiment


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