Podcast about the Book ‘Mind Fixers” (Anne Harrington)

Little Excerpt of the Interview with the Author:

“The search for a biological understanding of mental illness, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and panic disorder, is the subject of the new book, “Mind Fixers,” by my guest, Anne Harrington. She writes about the revolution in medications to treat mental illness and why it’s left behind what she describes as an unsatisfactory legacy of overdiagnosis, overmedication and promises that were unfulfilled. Harrington is a professor of the history of science at Harvard and director of undergraduate studies in the history of science. She specializes in the history of psychiatry, neuroscience, and other mind and behavioral sciences. For six years, she directed Harvard’s Mind, Brain and Behavior Initiative”.

Permanent Link : https://www.apr.org/post/mind-fixers-documents-troubled-search-mental-illness-medication

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