CfP: Canadian Association for the History of Nursing Annual Conference (June 10-12, Ottawa)


June 10-12, 2020

Ottawa, ON

Hosted by the Nursing History Research Unit/Unité de recherche sur l’histoire du nursing (NHRU-URHN)


“Care in Conflict: Healthcare under Tension”

The history of nursing is deeply marked by conflicts. Whether it is the struggle for professional identity, engagement in military conflicts as medical staff, or the various sociopolitical barriers as nurses sought to carry out their nursing practice. It is this tension, inherent in the history of nursing, that we wish to explore during this conference.

Papers touching on the broadly defined themes of tension and conflict within nursing and healthcare are welcome. The aim will be to highlight the different facets of conflicts in the history of health care.

Abstracts on other topics related to the history of nursing and health care will also be reviewed by the selection committee.

Please submit a one-page abstract (250 words max.) and a one page CV for consideration to the Online form.

Deadline for submission is: December 1st 2019

The Programme Committee also encourages proposals for organised panels of three (3) related papers; in this case, please submit a panel proposal of less than 250 words in addition to an abstract and one-page CV from each presenter.


For any questions:

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