Special Issue: “Other Psychotherapies”; Healing Interactions across Time, Geography, and Culture

The special issue published in Transcultural Psychiatry explores variants of psychotherapeutic practices that have existed for millennia in diverse sociocultural contexts. The intention of the special issue is to facilitate an opportunity to appreciate the ways in which psychotherapies are a product of the epoch, setting, and institutions that shape people’s lives.

Link to the Journal

“Other psychotherapies”: Healing interactions across time, geography, and culture by Ross G. White, Cheryl McGeachan, Gavin Miller, & Sophia Xenophontos

Therapy of the word and other psychotherapeutic approaches in Ancient Greek medicine by Chiara Thumiger

“Look At It Carefully Now”: Athenian Tragedy And The “Talking Cure” by Sophie Mills

Conceptualising and addressing mental disorders amongst Muslim communities: Approaches from the Islamic Golden Age by Karim Mitha

Ecstatic expeditions: Fischl Schneersohn’s “science of man” between modern psychology and Jewish mysticism by David Freis

Dang-Ki healing: An embodied relational healing practice in Singapore by Boon-Ooi Lee & Laurence J. Kirmayer

Rehabilitating the mind: Avatar (2009), Inception (2010) and the science fiction imagining of lucid dreaming in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in the U.S. military by Susan Smith

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