New Issue of Psychoanalysis and History

Edinburgh University Press announces the publication of a Special issue of Psychoanalysis and History on ‘Sinopsychoanalysis’. This issue contains cutting edge articles on the interface between China and psychoanalysis, by Kyoo Lee, Guanjun Wu, and Howard Chiang, as well as a tribute section for Jingyuan Zhang and her foundational work on Chinese Literature and Psychoanalysis. The issue as a whole sets out to transform received narratives about Chinese psychoanalysis by providing counter-histories, multiple viewpoints, and several attempts to present China not as a satellite of ‘Western’ psychoanalysis, but as a profound contributor to the transformation of the contemporary psychoanalytic field.

The journal Psychoanalysis and History is devoted both to the study of the history of psychoanalysis and the application of psychoanalytic ideas to historiography, forming a bridge between the academic study of history and psychoanalysis. Recent special issues have covered topics such as: anti-authoritarian psychoanalysis, cognitive disability, the Budapest School, psychoanalysis and the Middle East, John Forrester and Freudian theory.

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