Book: Aetius of Amida on Diseases of the Brain – Translation and Commentary of ‘libri medicinales’ 6.1–10 with Introduction, by Ricarda Gäbel

The book Aetius of Amida on Diseases of the Brain. Translation and Commentary of ‘libri medicinales’ 6.1–10 with Introduction written by Ricarda Gäbel, can be of interest to h-madness readers. The abstract of the book on the publisher’s website reads:

“In earlier scholarship, the late antique medical compilations of Oribasius of Pergamon, Aetius of Amida and Paul of Aegina were rather neglected and were believed to add nothing new themselves to what Galen, in particular, had to say. By now, scholarship has undergone a positive change in attitude towards these authors and their works. This book contributes to this modern picture of late antiquity as a vibrant and fascinating period through close analysis of the work of Aetius of Amida (6th century CE). It offers the very first modern translation of chapters 1–10 of the sixth book of Aetius’ Libri medicinales as well as a detailed commentary on these chapters. Together with an extensive introduction it thus makes Aetius’ treatise accessible to a wider audience and takes into account Aetius’ craft as a compiler by analyzing his literary and compilation techniques. Book 6 of Aetius’ compilation is especially interesting because it deals with diseases of the brain and thus also discusses mental illnesses such as phrenitismelancholia or mania. Therefore, this volume also sheds light on the treatment of brain diseases in late antiquity and furthers our understanding of the history of mental disorders in ancient medical texts”.

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