Discussion: Film_Psychiatrie, by the Institute for Medical & Health Humanities and Artistic Research 

An online event hosted by the Institute for Medical & Health Humanities and Artistic Research on April 21 may interest Hmadness readers.

April 21, 2023, 16:30-18:30 CET, online

The Insitute for Medical & Health Humanites and Artistic Research (IMHAR) invites to


A double feature in English with Dr Mireille Berton (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland) and Tobias Dietrich (University Bremen, Germany) moderated by PD Dr. Martina Wernli (University Frankfurt, Germany)

The project “Cinéma et (neuro)psychiatrie en Suisse: autour des collections Waldau” (2021-2025) funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation intends to study the uses of the film medium by psychiatrists and neurologists in their practices as researchers and teachers in Switzerland between 1920 and 1970. In her research, Mirelle Berton focuses particularly on the archive of the German psychiatrist Ernst Grünthal, who was responsible for about a hundred short films made in the Laboratory of Cerebral Anatomy (Hirnanatomisches Institut) affiliated to the Waldau psychiatric hospital in the canton of Bern.

The volume “Kopf/Kino: Psychische Erkrankung und Film” (Mind/Screens: Mental Illness and
Cinema) edited by Tobias Dietrich and Winfried Pauleit presents current positions on the subject of mental illness and film aesthetics using the example of documentary, fictional, essayistic and autobiographic examples of film history, such as TARNATION, DIALOGUES WITH MADWOMEN, LITTLE JOE, FIRST COUSIN ONCE REMOVED, PSYCHOSIS IN STOCKHOLM amongst others. The contributions discuss the films as discourse, mise-en-scène and practice, and socio-aesthetic interventions of mental illness. The volume is a selection of papers read at the 25th International Bremen Film Conference in May 2021.

Film_Psychiatry with Mireille Berton, Tobias Dietrich, Martina Wernli

April 21, 2023

16:30-18:30 CET

Please register here: anmelden@imhar.net



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