Gender and the History of Integrated Wards

Coverage of some recent violent attacks on female patients in mental health facilities in Milwaukee County in the U.S., prompted a medical journalist to contact me with an interesting set of questions – ones for which I had no ready answers.  Perhaps, some readers and subscribers of H-Madness have some thoughts on the subject.  When did mixed-gender wards and units begin to emerge in psychiatric facilities?  How widespread have these historically been?  Were they the results of institutional pressures in the wake of de-institutionalization?  Were they a function of changing ideas about reintegrating institutional patients in society following World War II?  Or do they have a longer history?

2 thoughts on “Gender and the History of Integrated Wards

  1. benoit says:

    At the university hospital in Brussels the first psychiatric mixed-gender wards appear in the 1980s. The first community healts centers that are created in the 1960s in Belgium are immediately mixed-gender.

    1. Hasan says:

      In Bangladesh, it is completely separated. In a way, gender relations out side of the hospitals are re-instituted in the hospitals in arranging the wards and hospital practices as well.

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