Seminar Series – Beyond the Couch. The Institute of Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis: The Unconscious in Everyday Life

In association with the exhibition The Unconscious in Everyday Life at the London Science Museum (until April 2011), the Institute of Psychoanalysis and the British Psychological Society are putting together an exciting schedule of events for 2010-11. Here are a few that might interest h-madness readers:

19 November – Discussion: The Experience of Psychoanalysis (Robin Anderson, Angela Joyce, Josh Cohen, Elizabeth Wolf)

24 November – Lecture: The Cambridge Scientists and Psychoanalysis in the 1920s (John Forrester)

16 January 2011 – Short films and Discussion: Developing Identity (Elizabeth Bradley, Robin Anderson, David Morgan)

13 February 2011 – Film Screening and Discussion: Inconscientes (Joaquin Oristrell, Andrea Sabbadini)

23 February 2011 – Discussion: Can Psychoanalysis be a Science? (Mary Target, Jim Hopkins, Michael Lacewing)

9 March 2011 – Workshop: The Horror in Dreams (Donald Campbell, Rosine Perelberg)

19 March 2011 –  Seminar: The Murder of Sanity and the Sanity of Murder: The Art and Science of Psychoanalysis (Irma Brenman Pick, David Bell, Phil Lucas, Rob Hale, Richard Rusbridger)

8 April 2011 – Lecture: Civilization and its Discontents (David Bell)

For more information, see here.

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