SCIENTIFICA Digital Library

by Claire Jullion

The Library for Science and Industry of The Centre for Science and Industry in Paris has undertaken the digitalization of a selection of its Old Books Collection.

This selection expands online materials in the field of psychology and psychiatry belonging to the library of Serge Wasersztrum, a private collection of 2000 volumes on psychiatry, madness, medical doctors, representations and theories of mental illnesses, the majority of which has been published in the 19th century.

128 holdings on the field of “Mental Hygiene, Social Hygiene” are currently available on Scientifica platform.

Through this selection on hygiene, it seemed important to us to restore the “hygienist movement of the 19th century” in its capacity to mobilize not only doctors, but also the administration, the legislation, the police forces, education, architecture, town planning.

Indeed, the very great diversity of forms and contents of publications witness this restoration.

Thus the selected corpus includes scientific books, medical dissertations, administrative reports for scientists and state authorities, as well as books on popular hygiene and handbooks for youth.

Three other corpora are also available in the following categories: “Phrenology” (18 documents), “The Theory of degeneration” (19 documents) and “Women and sexuality in the 19th century” (71 documents).

Scientifica prospectively announces “The Children’s Corner” scientific books and albums for children and “the Curiosity Cabinet” a representative anthology of the library’s diverse sources on science and technology.

Scientifica project has been accomplished by the Library for History of Sciences of the Centre for Science and Industry

 Claire Jullion is working for Scientifica

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