CfP: Edited Volume on the History of Psychiatry in Communist Europe

We invite proposals for chapters to appear in an edited volume on the
history of psychiatry in Communist Europe.  Proposals on any topic of
psychiatric history during the Communist era are welcomed and should
initially take the form of a short 500 word abstract.

The history of psychiatry is one of the most dynamic and well-researched
fields within the broader history of medicine.  Despite the abundance of
work done in this regard, scholarly investigations of the psychiatric
developments within Eastern Europe and the former USSR remain relatively
rare.   The work that has been done, meanwhile, overwhelmingly
concentrates on the political misuse of psychiatry within Russia.

This volume seeks to contribute to the wider fields of medical history and
the history of Communism more generally.  It is interested in compiling
research on psychiatry outside of the abuse paradigm but also welcomes
contributions that approach the question of political misuse from novel
angles.  “Psychiatry” in this usage can be loosely defined and could
include topics related to abnormal or clinical psychology, psychiatric
nursing, neurology, or any other aspect of mental illness.  Interested
contributors are requested to send a 500 word abstract to the editors
outlining the key aspects of their proposed chapter.

The deadline for proposals is October 1, 2011.

Please contact:

Mat Savelli


Sarah Marks


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