Psyences project (NYC) – 2011-2012 program

v hugoThe Humanities Institute and the Institute for the History of Production of Knowledge at NYU have put together this year’s program for the “Psyences project”:

21 October 2011: Andreas Mayer (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science) – “Dream Archives”

3 February 2012: Louis Sass & Elizabeth Pienkos (Rutgers University) – “The Uncanny Valley. Language and Mood in Schizophrenia, Melancholia and Mania”

30 March 2012: Janis Jenkins (UC San Diego) – “Land of Enchantment? Rage Among Youth in the American Southwest”

4 May 2012: Don Kulick (University of Chicago) – Excessibility Guidelines: How to Facilitate and how to Impede the Sex Lives of People with Severe Disabilities in Two Very Contrasting Welfare States”

All events take place on Fridays, 3-5 pm in the Torch Club (18, Waverly Place between Greene and Mercer, NYC)

Please RSVP to

For more information, email Emily Martin –

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