12th EMBO | EMBL Science & Society conference

The 12th EMBO/EMBL Science and Society conference (Heidelberg) is dedicated to “Making sense of mental illness: biology, medicine and society”. You can find the program here. Two conferences, one by Nikolas Rose (London School of Economics, UK) on “What is mental health today – psychiatry, neuroscience and society in the twenty first century, and one by Steven Rose (Open University, UK) on “Sick brains, sick minds or sick societies – what, if anything, might be ‘enhanced’?” are livestreamed.

2 thoughts on “12th EMBO | EMBL Science & Society conference

  1. monique debauche says:

    reference given by Nikolas Rose at the end of his lecture:

    Thomas R. Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, outlines emerging paradigm shifts in the study, treatment, and perception of mental illnesses in the second President’s Lecture on Neuroscience.

    Translational Research: From Neurons to Neighborhoods

  2. monique debauche says:

    Nikolas Rose


    Steven Rose

    Well-known and highly regarded scientist Professor Steven Rose gave this public lecture, entitled The future of the brain, on 4th November 2009 at the University of Bristol.

    During his talk Professor Rose discussed the current state of neuroscience; what we now know, what we might expect to find out in the coming decades, and, in particular, how novel neuro-technologies – being developed to alleviate psychic distress – also to make possible an unprecedented degree of control over our minds and thoughts by the state. Professor Rose assessed these prospects and perils, and argued why he thinks the mind is wider than the brain.

    It was co-hosted by ‘Bristol Neuroscience’ (bristol.ac.uk/neuroscience), and by the University in partnership with the Bristol Festival of Ideas, as one of the lectures marking the University’s centenary year.”

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